• April 11, 2022
  • Things To Do In Chicago – Best 5 things to do in chicago today

    In the Illions state of America, there lies a charming city, which is also referred to as the “windy” place in the world, famed as one of the best holiday destinations for vacationers or backpackers across the US and the world owing to its majestic sky-kissing buildings, art & history museums, pubs & bars for nightlight fun, glorious peaks, outdoor fun, etc. Whether you are an architecture lover or adventure seeker and if exploring the top tourist attraction of the United States of America is your main dream on vacation then, you should not forget to add Chicago to your to-do list here. The city is settled on the banks of Michigan lake, which is the home to many tourists attractions such as Mackinac Island, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and Lake Michigan, Isle Royale National Park, etc. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top Things To Do In Chicago so that you do not miss out on the major highlights of the city for fun and enjoyment.

    How To Reach

    The best way to reach Chicago is by Air if you are from India. You could be able to have pleasant and comfortable hours of journey with air services. Chicago has main international Airports well-connected to many destinations in the world.

    Best Time To Visit 

    The months between April to October will be comfortable and full of charming weather to enjoy your holiday time to the fullest in Chicago.

    Things To Do In Chicago This Weekend – Top 5 Places To Visit In Chicago For Free

    #1. Art Institute of Chicago – A perfect place to witness arts at its best through paintings, artifacts, designs, photography, etc

    If you are visiting Chicago to spend some wonderful time with your family or better half, then, you should give the Art Institute of Chicago a top priority above anything else. This really could be a top fascinating thing to do in Chicago to embrace arts and designs belonging to different periods of human civilization.

    Here one can get so many opportunities to experience the magnificence and charm of old things designed and kept in beautiful order. The largest art museum in the United States in Chicago is believed to built in the year 1879 and it consists of arts and history with true meaning that could tempt tourists to make a second visit whenever they come to Chicago. For those who are looking for the best Chicago Attractions, they must begin their Chicago sightsee with this picturesque museum of arts & designs.

    #2. Millennium Park

    Situated very close to the Art Institue of Chicago, a visit to this iconic Millennium Park must not miss by anyone especially those who are looking for a place full of architecture, festivities, sculptures, and fun. The charming Millennium Park does not leave any chance to excite and satisfy tourists by offering options to explore the architectural beauty, a world-class dining experience, and vocational entertainment.

    Chicago park with so many things to do on vacation for all tourists is counted as one of the top Things To Do In Chicago For Adults. It is also a spot that you can visit fully if you have got one day in the city.

    The Millenium Park of Chicago opens on all days of the week and visitors have to pay fees of Rs 50 for adults and Rs 25 for children. You can also visit some stunning Places To Visit In Chicago For Free.

    #3. Chicago Cultural Center – The center of cultural occasions & performances reflects the best of the Chicago city

    The iconic landmark of Chicago is a perfect destination for music, festivities, and various entertaining performances. For those who want to experience music, dance, art galleries, and fun at the same time, they should confirm their visit to Chicago Cultural Centre as one of the Best Things To Do In Chicago.

    You can have the fun with year-round free events and exhibitions held here to soothe your stress and exhaustion of monotonous daily life by providing you cheering atmosphere at every step. The cultural center could be the best Things To Do In Chicago With Kids. Here you can attend some fantastic music concerts such as Jazz, hip hop, soul, etc.

    #4. Water Show at Buckingham Fountain

    Since 2019, the oldest and largest Buckingham Fountain in Chicago continues to win the hearts of many tourists owing to its attractive water fountain show and nearby attractions such as monuments, stunning landmarks, food stalls, markets, etc. here one can also get various documents, paintings, and exhibitions that depict the importance of water.

    Apart from witnessing the majestic beauty of the water fountain, you can also explore the nearby attractions for food, fun, and stay. Because of its lively water fountain show at night, it is famous as one of the top Things To Do In Chicago At Night. There are many Chicago Events This Weekend in Buckingham Fountain you can enjoy and take part in.

    #5. Navy Pier – A popular amusement park for both children and adults

    Last but not the least, Navy Pier is a complete way for unwinding and full-on entertainment for visitors of all ages. There are a lot of thrilling activities to indulge in for fun and entertainment. From so many water activities for all to Shakespear’s museum for kids, there is going to be a lot of fun being here on vacation for any fun & thrill lover.

    From scrumptious food to tranquil moments in the gardens going nothing but relaxing, Navy Pier is like soothing therapy to unwind oneself completely. It is like a slice of an iceberg during summer vacation, and therefore, it is one of the Best Places To Visit In Chicago In April.

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    What should visitors do in Chicago?

    Chicago is full of top tourist attractions where one can have fun and thrill to the fullest. Art Institute of Chicago, Walk Through Millennium Park, Stroll around Navy Pier, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Science and Industry, See the View from the Willis Tower SkyDeck, Buckingham Fountain famous for water show at night, etc. These are the famous Things To Do In Chicago For College Students.

    What can we do for free in Chicago?

    Things To Do In Chicago For Free – there are so many amazing things that can be done in Chicago for fun and enjoyment. You can enjoy a beautiful walk near the river, you can make plans for Chicago’s greater neighborhood tours, art museums, markets, etc.

    Is Chicago a good place to visit right now?

    Yes, Chicago is a safe place to visit right now and but beware of small criminal activities. Also, you can take help from cordial locals here.

    What is there to do in Chicago as a couple?

    Arts, cultures, festivals, music, etc. There are many things that couples can do in Chicago from witnessing a romantic walk in Millenium Park to moments full of entertainment in Buckingham Fountain.

    Is Chicago famous for anything?

    There are many things for which Chicago is quite popular among visitors. Landmarks, art galleries, museums, markets, rivers, fountains, etc.

    What should visitors see in Chicago?

    Museum of Natural History, Art Institute of Chicago, Walk Through Millennium Park, Stroll around Navy Pier, Museum of Science and Industry, Buckingham Fountain, etc.


    The Ending!

    With a population of millions, Chicago is a perfect gateway on holiday for wildlife thrills, waterpark enjoyment, food cravings, art & history desires, and full holiday satisfaction. Below you can see the best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples, families, thrill-seekers, or every sort of traveler.

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