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List Of 5 Water Parks In Hyderabad 2024 [Amusement Parks]

Situated on the banks of the river “Musi”, Hyderabad which is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh is home to many monuments, sacred temples, wildlife sanctuaries, amusement parks, and several other attractions. From business opportunities to vacation pleasures, Hyderabad has plenty of attractions for tourists so that they can spend their holidays with delight and full enjoyment.

From the charm of Charminar (which is a famous monument in the city) to the pleasures of amusement parks, the enticing capital city of Andhra Pradesh is regarded as one of the majestic places to visit in India with friends. Besides famous tourist places, forts & monuments of historical importance, the city also does not leave any stone unturned in meeting all the playful requirements of kids on their vacation time. Therefore, there are many water parks in Hyderabad that offers a plethora of entertaining activities to kids with the aim of refreshing their mind making them learn new things, and adopting new hobbies.

Water Parks In Hyderabad – Amusement Parks In Hyderabad List


#1. Jalavihar Waterpark  

Jalavihar Waterpark sounds as fascinating and watering as its name as it is home to various playful activities for kids and people of all ages. If you give the park top priority on the list of best places to visit in Hyderabad then, all you are going to experience in this amusement park is water fun, and good food.

From picnic facilities to good food facilities, the Jalvihar amusement park is counted as one of the best water parks in Hyderabad you should explore with your friends and family. Water and dry rides, good food facilities, and other interesting activities make the waterpark one of the wonderful places to visit on vacation in Hyderabad. In order to experience the water world Hyderabad and water games in Hyderabad then, make sure you visit the park and have fun with your kids.

#2. Escape Waterpark or Escape Water Park Hyderabad

 – A fantastic way to escape from the scorching heat of the sun in summers

Escape Waterpark is very true to its name “Escape” as it makes you escape from the stress and pressure of a hectic schedule on vacation. It is also a perfect option to beat the heat of the sun in summer by indulging in various aquatic activities such as water & wet riding, swimming, etc. It is going to be a pleasurable and fun-filled vacation for people who have chosen this amusement park as the first and most amazing place to visit in the city of  Andhra Pradesh. And usually, in summer, the fun waterpark is filled with a mob of people, children, and youngsters to spend the holidays with thrill and enjoyment.

Also, once you are exhausted from playing so many water sports and rides then, the amusement park has an open area full of big trees, birds, and so much greenery where you can take a rest and rejuvenate your body. This is one of the best amusement parks in Hyderabad with prices you can afford easily.

#3. Wonderla 

Wonderla is one of the biggest water parks in Hyderabad not only for kids but also for people of all ages. It is also considered to be one of the fun places to visit in Hyderabad during summer vacation. If you are going to visit Hyderabad then, make sure you visit this amusement park with friends and family.

An amusement park is a wonderful place for a family picnic and complete enjoyment on vacation. The opening time for the park is from 11 am to 6 pm and make sure you visit the park on time so that you can enjoy all activities to the fullest and without the hurdle of a short time. The park is famous for roller coaster rides, rain dances, and other fun activities. Do not forget to take the camera with you so that you can easily capture each and every new and fun moment of your vacation with friends and family.

#4. Ocean Park 

From all basic amenities to fun activities, Ocean Park is one of the popular parks in Hyderabad that gains the appreciation, recommendation, and attention of tourists. Therefore, you should visit the park with your friends and family so that you can have fun and enjoyment on your vacation. Make sure that you visit this best amusement park in Hyderabad and gather all the fun moments with your loved ones. You can also look for other best water parks in Hyderabad with prices.

#5. Dream Valley Water Park 

Dream Valley water park is enriched with all kinds of facilities and fun activities owing to which many visitors have new memories and full enjoyment on their vacation. Tourists can take part in many activities such as water rides, dry rides, ride on a roller coaster, etc. You can visit the park on your vacation and with friends and loved ones. It is among the famous parks in Hyderabad that cater to the needs and requirements of tourists through fascinating watering sports. You could also check Wild Waters Hyderabad ticket prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

How many water parks are there in Hyderabad?

Besides historic monuments, famous places, cultural heritage, etc. Hyderabad is also home to fun activities you can take part in by visiting the best water parks such as Wonderla, Ocean Park, Escape Water Park, Jalavihar, etc. Waterparks are considered to be a fun way to get rid of all the stress and hustle of daily life.

What is the most famous water park?

Hyderabad has a plethora of waterparks you can explore on your vacation for fun and enjoyment. Ocean water park, Wonderla amusement park, etc. From various water rides to cheerful activities, your vacation time in the capital city of Andhra Pradesh is to be spent with complete fun and enjoyment.

Is all rides free in Wonderla Hyderabad?

After buying a single ticket, you can play various water games and activities for free of cost. But yes, Wonderla in Hyderabad is considered to be one of the best tourist places in India to visit on vacation. Make sure you visit this fun amusement park and indulge in various activities in order to get rid of all the stress and pressure of work. Apart from Wonderla, you can also visit other amusement parks in the city.

Where is India’s biggest water park?

In India, every corner is full of charm, jewels, and amusement parks for kids and tourists. WOW – Worlds Of Wonders is considered to be India’s most prominent water park that is flooded by many people to refresh their minds and bodies.

What is the cost of an amusement park In Hyderabad?

The cost of amusement parks in Hyderabad can be varied and to know the exact ticket price, you can conduct research on the internet and choose the waterpark of your choice.

Who is the owner of Wonderla in Hyderabad?

Kochouseph Chittilappilly is the name of the owner of Wonderla Amusement Park.

water park in Hyderabad open today?

There is a high possibility that water parks in Hyderabad are open today otherwise, you can conduct the research on the internet and get the exact information.

The Ending!

In order to recommend the best water parks in Hyderabad, we have prepared a list of the amusement parks in Hyderabad where you can go with your friends and family in order to experience water slides and some other aquatic sports. The city of famous monuments and pearls is home to some water parks where you can participate in various amusing activities to cheer up your mind and rejuvenate your entire body.

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