• May 30, 2023
  • Rock Garden Chandigarh: Timings, Entry Fee, What to See

    Rock Garden Chandigarh: When it comes to breathing in the fresh air and exploring the lush green area full of plants and big trees to spend some quality time with family and friends then, visiting gardens comes to the mind of millions. From the freshness of plants and trees to a mind-relaxing atmosphere, planning a small one-day trip to the gardens is always a great idea.

    If you are a health-conscious person then, you must be aware of the importance of taking a long beautiful walk in the gardens. From adventure fun for kids to refreshing and beautiful surroundings for yoga and exercises, Gardens are the first morning places that are flooded by nature enthusiasts and locals. But we never have any idea how much money and years it takes to construct gardens for society and people who want to seek peace and tranquillity in their spare time.

    Here in this article, we are going to talk about one such garden in Chandigarh that is constructed by a person who had to go the extra mile all alone in order to build India’s most famous and stunning garden. Rock Garden Chandigarh is the perfect epitome of passion, dedication, and accomplishment which can be easily seen through its beautiful small water pound, variety of orchids, big enticing trees, and plants. The garden is also the symbol of one’s endless efforts toward excellence and perfection, despite the limited resources and waste materials.

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    Why is Rock Garden Chandigarh So Popular?

    The Rock Garden situated in Chandigarh is said to have been built from home waste materials, and industrial and discarded waste items. And now the garden is considered to be one of India’s big prominent gardens consisting of trees, plants, greenery, flowers, and nature-friendly things.

    You are definitely going to have fun and amazing moments here with friends and family. This is also one of the famous picnic spots in Chandigarh, Punjab. The Rock Garden Chandigarh Sector 1 is counted among the most loved and fascinating places for fun, pleasure, and excitement.

    Situated in Chandigarh sector 1, the Rock Garden is also known as Nek Chand’s Garden who used to be a former road inspector in Punjab. The big rock garden has been built by Nek using industrial and urban waste materials. Near the garden, Sukhnna Lake is also visited and explored by many and is regarded as one of the major attractions of the gardens.

    A Brief Introduction About Rock Garden Chandigarh

    Many years ago, In the year 1957, the rock garden was built by police officer Nek Chand secretly and without anyone’s help in his spare time. And nowadays, the garden is well-recognized as of symbol of one’s creativity, dedication, imagination, and innovation in the city. The prominent garden also has over 4,000 statues and it is an amazing example of a true example of ‘Best From Waste’.

    When To Visit Rock Garden?  What are the timings of Rock Garden?

    If you want to explore the Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake for the first time on your vacation, then, it is necessary for you to choose the best time for it. Before making any plans for visiting this garden make sure that you check the timings and entry fees first. If you are wondering whether rock garden, Chandigarh open or not or rock garden, Chandigarh open today? Then, you can find answers to your questions below.

    Thankfully, Chandigarh’s famous Rock Garden is open daily and it is quite convenient for people and tourists to visit according to their tour and travel plans. The timings for Chandigarh Rock Garden are from 9 am to 7 pm and it is open for all 7 days of the week. But during the winter season and cooler months between October to March, the garden closes at 6 pm one hour early.

    In order to enjoy your trip to the garden to the fullest, make sure to come here early and avoid choosing the evening time or closing time to visit the temple.

    Frequently Asked Questions-

    Is Rock Garden of Chandigarh Open?

    The Rock Garden situated in Chandigarh is open daily from 9 am to 7 pm. The garden is open all 7 days a week. You can make plans to visit the garden along with your friends and family to spend some quality time with each other. And if you require more information about the park and its entry fees and opening and closing time, then, you can get the rock garden Chandigarh contact number and ask for all sorts of information.

    Why the Rock Garden of Chandigarh is famous?

    The most interesting thing about Chandigarh’s Rock Garden is that it has been constructed by the material collected from urban and industrial.

    What is the entry fee for Rock Garden?

    The entry fee for Rock Garden is Rs 5 and each person who is going to visit the garden will have to pay Rs 5. rock garden entry fee is Rs 5 each.

    What is the timing of Rock Garden Chandigarh?

    The timing of Rock Garden Chandigarh is from 9 am to 7 pm. You can make your plans accordingly in between these time frames.

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    Final Notes!

    Utilizing the spare time well and creating something new with waste materials, Roch Garden is as enticing and great as its creator Nek Chand Saini. Rock Garden Chandigarh has been regarded as one of the great places to visit in Chandigarh with friends to perform different activities such as walking, playing, exploring plants, trees, etc.

    The spectacular garden is spread over 40 acres of land and it contains different sections for flowers, parks, plants, trees, small ponds, etc.

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