• August 8, 2022
  • Best Resorts In Goa – 5 Best Place To Stay In Goa (Affordable Options) 

    I  am glad that you have eventually decided to explore Goa on this vacation. But wait for a moment! You must not take off without having a look at our list of the 5 Best Resorts In Goa. If you want to enjoy flawless hospitality and remarkable accommodation service there then, you must see these 5 Star Resorts In Goa. Here in the blog, we have provided you with a list of the 5 Top Resorts In Goa where you can stay, eat, enjoy, have fun, and live every moment of vacation cheerfully. But first, let’s also have a look at the facts about why people love and adore this coastal state of India.

    Quite far from the daily tedious and stressful life of bustling places, Goa is a destination that lets visitors unwind and spend their free time with their loved ones, embracing its healing natural beauty.

    When there is talk of Goa, serene beaches, miraculous temples, age-old monuments, glittering sun, and smooth massaging sands come to the mind of many. And when someone gets an opportunity to visit this beach land of India then, their excitement and enthusiasm have no boundaries.

    From multi-cuisine restaurants to various fun-filled outdoor activities, Goa is rated as one of the best holiday destinations in India where tourists can have beach and exhilarating nightlife fun. Below we have discussed the best resorts in Goa where you can enjoy your stay and spend a momentous holiday with your loved ones.

    Best Resorts In Goa 2022

    Whether you are flying to Goa with your pets or traveling with a bunch of people in your family, these below-mentioned resorts in Goa will cater to your every need or desire. From pool facilities to multiple cuisines, from beachside views to worth-capturing landscapes, these resorts have got something charming and unforgettable for every visitor here. And the great thing is that – some of them resorts are the Best Resorts In Goa With Private Beach.

    #1. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

    Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is the most charming and stylish resort in Goa where anyone can live their stay exactly the way they really want to in their free time here. From world-class food facilities to poolside exuberating vibes, the resort is an ideal destination to rest and enjoy cuisines from different continents. Encircled by beautiful shadowy trees with clear blue sky, Taj Exotica is rated as the Best Resort In Goa Near Beach.

    The dazzling and thrilling ambiance of the resort would surely inspire you to extend your days there. The butler service of the resort takes your breath away with its elegance in every etiquette. And as it offers spectacular scenery on the beach, it is also known as one of the best beach resorts in south goa.

    #2. Mayfair Hideaway Spa & Resort – Unwind yourself here at Private Pool Villa In Goa

    Mayfair Hideaway Spa & Resort is counted among the 5-star resorts & holes in Goa. The resort is best known for its impeccable accommodation services and admirable hospitality. If you are planning to visit Goa and want to live every moment in a luxurious manner there then, we would recommend you visit this Mayfair Hideaway. From dazzling surroundings to tranquil private areas to enjoying walks with friends and family, the resort is the Best Place To Stay In Goa. From the best food facilities to the breathtaking decoration of rooms and walking areas, the resort is the nicest place to enjoy a stay with royalty in every breath.

    #3. DoubleTree

    Overlooking the Mandovi River with a lot of architectural beauty around, Double Tree is counted among the best resorts in Goa. Specifically, there is something miraculous and wonderful tourists feel about this resort when it comes to staying and spending vacation time there. Food & beverages from different continents of the world are something that fulfills the cravings of every traveler there. Near the resort, you can also find the best South Goa Resorts With Private Beach. And as it gives breathtaking spectacular views of the Mandovi River, it is also popular as one of the Best Beach Resorts In Goa.

    #4. The Park Calangute

    The Park Calangute is amazingly beautiful and always ready to give tourists admirable VIP and royal treatment. You can visit the resort to enjoy a marvelous stay with your loved ones. Captivating scenery & paintings hanging on the walls will surely take your breath away. The resort also offers bar and pub facilities to those who are nightlife fun lovers. From a wide range of food and drinks to superior rooms for rest, the resort should be on your bucket list when you are looking for a place, which can offer royal accommodation and saluting hospitality. And if you coming to Goa with your pets, you can also look for the best Pet-Friendly Resorts In Goa.

    #5. Goa Marriott Resort & Spa

    Situated on the edge of Maramar Beach, Goa Marriott Resort & Spa is one of the most luxurious resorts in Goa. From the resort, one can embrace the marvelous and worth-capturing views of the Arabian Sea and Mandovi river. And a few kilometers away from this stunning architecture, one can also find the best Cheap Resorts In Goa to spend their vacation time budget-friendly. And as it is situated on the Maramar beach, this is also counted as one of the top 5 Star Beach Resorts In Goa.


    Which part of Goa is best for stay?

    If you are visiting Goa with your loved ones then, the north part of Goa is the best one for a family vacation. You can also visit the Baga and Calangute beaches in this part. Apart from this, you can also find the Best Resorts In North Goa to enjoy a comfortable and enriched stay.

    Which part of Goa is good for family?

    The north part of Goa is considered ideal for family fun. Many prefer to visit the north part of Goa for its beautiful and charming Baga and Calangute beaches.

    Which is the best beach to stay in Goa?

    There are many charming beaches in Goa where you can plan to stay and spend your time alone – Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Arpora, Vagator, and Morjim.

    Where should couples stay Goa?

    If you are a newlywed couple, you can choose to visit these magnificent beaches of Goa – Baga Beach, Arambol Beach, Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Fort Aguada, Candolim Beach, Vagator Beach, Chapora Fort, etc.

    Which is the best time to visit Goa and why?

    November to March · – April and October · – May to September


    No matter whether you are hoping for a Cheap Stay In Goa or want to feel the taste of royalty in its food and culture, these resorts are best the accommodation options here for every traveler. Above you can see the Best Resorts In Goa that add more fun, comfort, and satisfaction to your stay there.

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