If you would ask me about a place that is away from dust and pollution and make visitors feel like heaven on the earth and in India, I would highly recommend you to visit Kurfi at least once in your lifetime. Full of the unforgettable adventurous experiences and mesmeric scenery of nature all around, Kufri is an exact place for adventure lovers. Whenever you have any plan of exploring Kufri during your vacation time, our list of the Best Places to visit in Kufri would help to be aware of its top attractions there. Around 20 kilometers away from Shimla and in the lap of the Himalayan range, Kufri is a picturesque hill station town renowned for attracting millions of tourists to its soil to witness serene and worth visiting nature’s beauty. In this modern century of the tour and travel industry, this charming hill town of India is considered of great importance and stands out as one of the top tourist destinations in India where millions of nature and adventure lovers come in the search of better vacation experiences. In this majestic town, one can find various spots for these daring activities, and apart from this, history lovers can also fulfill their cravings for discovering fascinating historic facts and artifacts by visiting museums & architecture. In a nutshell, Kufri is all known for serving every traveler with diverse and unique experiences. Kufri's Best Time To Visit can be in the month of March to October.  

Best Time to Visit 

The Best Time To Visit Kufri is in the winter, summer, and monsoon seasons. During these seasons, several tourists visit Kufri and enjoy their sightseeing there in charming weather.

How to Reach 

Tourists can reach Kufri by train, flight, and road. Kufri has its nearest airport and railway station near Shimla that are connected to many famous big cities in India. On reaching the airport and railway station, tourists can hire taxis or buses to enter Kufri.

Places to visit in Kufri – Top 5 Kufri Attractions

 #1. Mahasu Peak – An opportunity to witness quaint and majestic landscapes full of  nature’s beauty

Mahasu Peak is one of the major attractions of Kufri and from the top of this peak, tourists can witness wonderful scenery of nature that consists of tranquil rivers, waterfalls full of exuberant vibes, lakes with fun-filled activities, and dense forests for hiking and camping purposes. The peak of Kufri is situated a few kilometers away from Shimla and the journey from Shimla to this peak brings various chances to visitors to fulfill their photography desires by clicking some amazing photographs of natural wonders.

The highest point of Kufri is also famous for offering enchanting views of the Kedarnath and Badrinath ranges. And if you want your Kufri Sightseeing replete with fun and stunning landscapes, do not forget to visit this glorious Mahasu Peak.

To reach the peak, tourists either can trek or ride on horseback. Apart from the peak, you may also like to explore some other tourists Places To Visit Near Kufri.

#2. Kufri Fun World – A perfect place to embrace fun with kids

It is rated among the best Kufri Tourist Places with wonderful views of the surrounding beauty encircled by majestic hills.

Besides clear water lakes, rivers surrounded by flora and fauna, peaks to witness the entire stunning view of valleys & forests, and dense forests for camping & hiking, Kufri is also a place to have picnic fun with your little ones on vacation.

Kufri Fun World is a place quite suitable to enjoy your picnic time with friends and family doing fascinating activities such as enjoying water rides, eating food of your choice, clicking pictures to capture moments of merriments, etc. With several water riders and fun games, the amusement part is also counted as one of the Best Places To See In Kufri with kids.

#3. The Himalayan nature park – Nothing could be better than greeting and meeting different varieties of animals on vacation

Covering a big area of land in Kufri, The Himalayan nature park is also famous as Kufri Zoo where a wide variety of flora and fauna blossom and live in their natural habitat without human interference. This zoological park records several visits from animal lovers every year and is known for holding them captive owing to the serenity and unpolluted beauty of this land.

The wildlife sanctuary is spread over around 80-90 hectares of land and offers tourists beautiful terrains and worth visiting sites of nature and animals. The reason for the flawless beauty of this zoological park is that – it is surrounded by mountains or glorious peaks that are often seen covered with snow or greenery.

#4. Indira Tourist Park

The Indira Tourist Park is rated among the famous places to visit in Kufri where one can feel infinite heights and depths of solitude. Once you have had fun in The Himalayan nature park, you can plan to visit this tourist park whenever you feel like spending some time alone enjoying your own company in the lap of unparalleled beauty all around. From rejuvenating long walks through its beautiful gardens to being relaxed by sitting in a place full of peace and solitude, this tourist park of Kufri is counted among the best places to visit on vacation.

#5. Fagu

Fagu is another popular tourist spot in Kufri and many people visit it to indulge in skiing. With breathtaking views of valleys, forests, and clear blue sky, Fagu is counted as one of the best Best Places In Kufri. It is a fine place for shopping, dining, and memorable vacation fun. You can visit it whenever you want to embrace skiing and snowfall experiences.



What is special in Kufri?

Situated some miles away from Shimla, Kufri is a beautiful hill station town full of adventure and nature’s beauty. There are many tourist attractions in the town that gives tourist worth capturing experiences. Mahasu Peak, The Himalayan nature park, Kufri Fun World, Indira Tourist Park, etc.

Is Kufri worth visiting?

Yes, Kufri has marvelous beauty that everyone especially nature and adventure lovers should visit in their vacation time. Here are the top attractions of Kufri that would plan your Kufri tourism - Mahasu Peak, The Himalayan nature park, Kufri Fun World, Indira Tourist Park, etc.

How can I spend my day in Kufri?

To spend a day in Kufri, you can visit its amusements parks that water fun you can have with kids, you can also visit Indira tourist park to spend some time alone,  you can also enjoy world-class dining at restaurants, and you could also explore its local markets to do some shopping.

Is Shimla better or Kufri?

Both these hill towns have their own beauty and charm and it would be hard for us to choose which one is better. Shimla and Kurfi both are picturesque hill towns in India and the best escape from the heat of the sun and polluted environment of bustling cities. There is only one difference between Shimla and Kufri - Shimla is famous for its wide variety of markets, shops, and shopping malls. On the other hand, Kufri is a quaint place to feel peace and solitude.

How can I commute within Kufri?

Kufri has its nearest airport in Shimla. And it is connected to many important cities and places in India. You can also reach Kufri by train and Kufri has its main railway station in Shimla.

What are the top sightseeing places in Kufri?

Let’s have a look at Kufri Famous Places - Mahasu Peak, The Himalayan nature park, Kufri Fun World, Indira Tourist Park, Hip Hip Hurray Amusement Park, etc.

Ending Lines!

Kufri is quite popular among people who visit it from different parts of the world as here they get wonderful opportunities not to just live and explore soothing nature’s beauty but also to indulge in many adventure sports such as mountaineering, hiking, trekking, climbing, and so on. Above we have shortlisted the 5 best places to visit in Kufri so that you don’t have any difficulty in exploring its top attractions there whenever make plans for it.  


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